+Voice Like From An Angel+

You know what kind of music I love?
The right melody mixed perfect lyrics for your mood. I met Sally around 6 months ago. The first thing when I met her was her beautiful voice. I've been meaning to post you about how the perfect lyrics and mood toned sound has brought me up from very difficult thought I was handeling around this Christmas when I got into an awful situation with the Luca shops keeper. Heart still pumps a little to write that..

I want to let you hear the new song from Salla&Miro's Trip Around The World new coming album. Since many of you are From else were than Finland I have translated this songs lyrics for you. Listen to it and feel how it fills you with thoughts. My first thoughts in this song were first from the December but as I listened it more it brought my mind back to school. The lyrics were like straight from my head when I was bullied and was trying to rise back up from it.


You can handle your pressure in many ways.
Mine is to stay up till I fall a sleep.
Everyone would like to help out, as well as they can.
It's all gone to waist but I'm too ashamed to let them know.

Words that chain, they stuck in your head.
They're sure to rise, all over again.
I wanted someone, who'd help me pass on this all.
Reflection in mirror is still  just me.

I find my shelter, there are two states.
One I'm in a sleep and two I imagined it all.
Taking trip to them took the whole day again.
Nothing is too heavy when finally I reached it there.

But words that chain, they stuck in your head.
They're sure to grow, lead me on their roads.
I hear a voice, it helped me to pass it all.
Reflection in mirror is again just me.

Words that chain, they stuck in your head.
They're sure to rise, all over again.

I hear a voice, it helped me to pass it all.
Reflection in mirror is again just me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You found this song awesome, how did you feel it?
Go give it your votes 

Share the link and get everyone to vote! 
Let her see how greatful I am for our friendship.

Thank you.


+One Day Wearing Pastel+


It's been very silent here in my blog. I haven't forgotten, just simply don't have time or energy right now. My family is starting a new business and I am busy on helping them out. My all days go online searching for items and stuff. I will tell more about this when it's a bit closer to be done, but I can assure the Finnish girls that they are gonna love it!

Two weeks in a row being at home only staring at my computer screen 8 hours a day. Believe me, your eyes want to explode after it. Today Mel finally was able to get me out from work and join her at Kamppi. Last time was quite dark but today we had extra fun! After shopping, eating and catching up the few last months she took a few pictures of me outside. Yes it was cold.

But a funny thing happened when I was posing the Flamingo. Suddenly I saw on my right a figure that I first thought was a pervert. Before I had realized, Mel was laughing and I noticed it was a cute old man who was posing exactly like me. Just randomly! He didn't say anything, just smiled happy and then walked away. This never happens! Totally Tumblr! I start to miss grandpa when I watch this picture.

Just after a few buys we realized with Mel that Kamppi shopping mall had a day for special prizes. We found from the sales magazine that there was someone making manicure for 15€. We looked at each other and down to our awful condition of nails and agreed instantly. We went to get our reservations and headed back to the saloon 15:30!

Bluelagoon was a new place for me. It had been ages since I was in the manicure the last time. This 15€ pack was 30 minutes and it included; oil care, light massage, nail buffing and a nail polish of your own choice. 

I got struggling already at choosing from all these lovelies that which color I'd want!!
I ended in a very neutral choice. Ash pink matte. 

The treatment was so relaxing. I wished it would've never ended! I got my treatment from Reea-Maria. I really liked her way to work and her personality. I might have enjoyed too much since the treatment was over so quickly. I bought the nail polish that was used from her. And must say that my nails are flawless! And the polish wasn't wet after the treatment even tough she didn't use the UV oven. 

She got me hooked, I must do this again soon! I don't spoil myself enough with beauty treatments. Maybe now I will start a new era again in my life and it needs this kind of special care?

 If you have extra time or go to shopping on weekend I think the sales are still on till Sunday. 

Lookie the nails, so niiiice! The picture doesn't give 
them enough credit tough. Color in this is a bit too orange. 
The white around is my nail dust after buffing. It got washed off!

Such a lovely day! I kept my promise I didn't work. Plus I've started to drink more water! I use to drink something like 3 small glasses a day. But past 3 days 6! Healthy I'm on my way! I just wish the water didn't fill my stomach so much....

Oh and you must've noticed something new!
That's right Rest In Peace Diet top. I love this one.
I saw it before on Tumblr and when I ran into in on Ebay, I couldn't resist. 
It got my message and everything. No diets only cupcakes!

Thank you Mel for this day!
Thank you Bolin for streching on my picture!
And also thank you for the 360 people who follow me on INSTAGRAM @MIKIRIIRII!

Tomorrow Nori will be working all day and night. So if someone wants to keep me company or have photoshoots, you are free to inform me! 

Thank you!


+Kinda like a laptop?+

Hi there you guys!

This time blogging happens from behind my iPad. Writing with it is a total pain tough, so I got something to help with it a little bit. Keyboard in a pink leather case!!
     
I must admit that it's not perfect at all. I got this baby from Ebay a month back. It just arrived yesterday. This is a bit weird how the symbold, marks and letters are almost all in different places. So long for making things easier. Well it's still faster that by typing with 2 fingers.

Price was 26$ shipping included. Not bad! The case is real good quality!

The quality of the case instead is perfect! Thick and soft. Could drop my iPad from 3 meters high and it wouldn't face any damage! At least that's how it feels! Totally loving the color.

Oh and this works by bluetooth. Charge the battery with usb on computer or the same you use to load your iphone.  There's a place in the settings app on bluetooth that will find the keyboard automatically. Mhh.. I wish this could autocorrect now. I am super tired as Nori just came home from work and my eyes are roaming so much between the words. My apologies!

So what you guys think?
I know it's not completely awesome, missing mouse and all. But when I don't wanna use the keyboard I can just move it off. It works well without it as well. Finally a case right color and size!

Well gotta go! I've been pissed and down today so sleep is really what I need!
Good night/morning everyone!


+It's done!+


Leija.fi postaus on viimein valmistunut ja voit lukea oudosta pakkomielteestäni sekä ihaia uusia juttujani täällä: CLICK!


+Valentine's Day Is PINK!+

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy Valentines day everyone!
Before I post tons of my face here I wanna tell a bit of my past of Valentine.

1. I have always disliked Valentines day.
I was always alone as a kid and the Valentine just reminded me about it a big time. And even now when I have friends and love I still don't like it. Only thing in it I like is that it's a day of the year that is signed to be PINK all over the place.

2. In Finland Valentines day is actually registered to be "Friends Day".
My opinion is that if you have friends EVERYDAY is friends day. Not that one day specially a year you buy a present or card and then everyone races who gets the most from the other. Or the bitch crap, "I heard you got a present fro Sarah, but I got only a card? We are not FRIENDS to you, huh?!" Okay, I don't know any single idiot who would be like this. But just like Christmas it feels like market of trade when you receive a present you should give one to another. This day was made only to be another day to collect money from dum people.

Now none of this came as a suprise I assume.
If you are alone on this day and it's special to you in a way you think that during this day you shouldn't be alone. I tell you to do what I did before I got friends. (did this still after I had started dating Nori) The recipe is in the end of this post!

Next up my valentine face for you!
Also pay attention to my grown legs!
Teehee, don't they look chubby, I'm so happy!

My little babies wanted to pose with mommy.
They were real lovely models!



Step 1.
Take paper and pink pen.

Step 2.
Write a note to your special someone. Either he/she exists or not.
Tell there all you think of this person. Worship this person all way around.

Step 3.
Put the note rest on your pillow on your bed.

Step 4.
When you go to sleep, read the note.
Let all the special words remind of how awesome YOU ARE.
Because no-one in this world is as special as you. Don't let yourself forget that.
Be rather alone than with people who don't deserve you.

Keep that in your mind no matter where you go!

Mailman by the way wanted to make my valentine and brought me packages today!

Getting new wigs and lenses so I need new eyelashes for a new look!
Talking about new look, you liked my classic Gyaru make-up?



+Not Too Blue - Sponsored+


I know there's a lot of sponsoring things going on. 
But I am super glad for it! Making sponsor posts is fun.
I post now a days all sponsor things below the link "SPONSOR" 
on top of the blog. But everytime there's a new sponsor I introduce them here 
right a way on the blog side!

Which brings me to the next review that is sponsored by Dresslily.com!

 A few weeks ago I started a sponsorship with Dresslily.com. 
They gave me 15$ that which worth I could pick anything from their shop to review here on my blog. Must say that would've been easier to find something worthy of 15€, but it's all right!

 I found this super cute dress that I figured would go with anything. 

The dress can be found from HERE with price tag to 15$

I'm always a bit aware to buy clothes that are sized for one, because it usually means too big for me. But this dresses waist was flexable to get tight around anything so it worked fine for my body. The top was too loose, but actually looks like that's how it's suppose to be. Only minus is that I don't know who's waist the heck would that ribbon get around of if it was WAY too short for ME?! Weird one size if you ask from me. 

This dress gave me an idea to do something new for my review. 
This is the first casual clothing that I've gotten to review 
so I thought that would be nice to show with what would 
I wear it so I came up with a few examples!

I find so many awesome clothings from Dresslily that I can't wait till the next time!
The prices are not too bad and the quality is quite fine after seeing and tested this dress.
Just a bit wrinckly as it arrived but the iron took care of it and now it looks great!

Which one is your favorite? 
You think this kind of review is nicer?
Anyone has ordered before from Dresslily.com?

This post was sponsored by dresslily.com.