+F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Stockholm Day 1+

 Last Friday we headed by plane to stockholm! Stockholm, that promised land for gay people, where sky is always clear and drivers wait for the passing walkers on the streets.
Along the trip Sanny, Rusky, Yan-chan and Nori.
 We landed Stockholm 9am. Our hostel was located in the old town, so our first heading was to leave our luggages there first before heading to have some breakfast.
We had our first breakfast in Expresso House. Some cream cheese bagel and fresh orange juice! Others took bagels too but drank coffee. Nori took as well a cheese cake with brownies. Huu, that was real sweet!
 The Stockholm old knight room was shut that day tough it was suppose to be our first heading. Well we took a group picture by it's door! If you wonder who took the picture, it was Nori! I just took a single picture of her and added her on Photoshop :D
 Such sunny wonderland Sweden. Even roses were still blooming and sun shining from the bright sky while there was cold and rainy in cruel unlovable Finland!
There was some palace guard changes by the castle! Was really cool!
Me and Yan-chan!
We paid tickets to go trough the castles museums and old rooms. They had a system that once you buy a ticket you can return back to chekc the rest of the museums in 7 days. So the first day we went trough the royal rooms. Sadly pictures were forbidden so I have no pictures from there.. dum!
 "Oh wounded worrior!"
 Yay, once again a rainbow flag!
After disgusting lovey dovey act we headed to shops! First up was the old town and the little boutiques. There was one shop I was especially expecting for~ 
Ice cream break!!
My favourite! I went there every single day!
I had found out from google that there was suppose to be Luca kind of kiosk in Stockholm so we walked 4km to find it just to figure out that this one called store had closed last February.
 Not as expected. It was like Tokyo Kan. 
 Cute pumpkin! Just the sellers where idiots trying to make us buy one!
 Biggest Monk I've ever seen!!
 So after long hour shopping and being up for 14 hours we finally went to have some Sushi-Wok for dinner. It was real good!
So ended the first day in Stockholm. Everyone was super tired.


  1. Tukholma <3 Ehdottomasti yksi lempparipaikoistani! Itse lähden sinne joulukuussa viikonlopuksi. Tuohon fantasiakauppaan on ainakin päästävä! :)

    1. Tukholmassa kaikki on paremmin <3 Se on ihana kaupunki. Ja Science Fictionissa kannattaa kyllä käydä jos kiinnostusta aiheeseen löytyy! ;)

    2. Mäkin aina hoen tuota samaa, että Ruotsissa kaikki on paljon parempaa ;)


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