+Humor Piece+

I have had a lot of funny things written with my iphone for it's international spelling problem. My mother has laughed at the things I have written, but finally was my time to get her back! >:D

Mä oon kirjottanu vaikka mitä mielenkiintosta mun iphonella kavereille, kiitos ton sanankorjaus kirouksen joka on iphonen suuri miinus. Lukuisat kerrat meidän mamma on päässy nauraa mulle, mutta nyt tuli kooston hetki! >:D


 Oh my, migraine ( : Shitty thing, well wish for it to go over
 and you could fall a sleep. Send Noora a note that she comes home super quietly.

Why you put a smile just now?? Are you enjoying my pain??

But the smile was upside down, so it's sad smile. And yes of course I enjoy a big time of the other peoples suffering, I actually live by it! Hello!

Yeah you mean you tried to do this ": (" ??

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