+★Mother F*****g Photoshoot★NEW LAYOUT★+


Kuten näette blogini on saanut uuden ilmeen! Kävin kuvailemassa eilen Sannan kanssa parkkihallin katolla uutta WEEK DAY - FADE TO W mekkoani jonka sain Nooralta lahjaksi. TOSI moni kuva onnistui ja sain inspiraation päivittää blogini ulkoasun samalla. Mitä pidätte?!

 En tule postailemaan luultavasti ennen kuin vasta ensiviikolla matkamme jälkeen. Lähdetään Riikaan maanantai aamuna joten seurailkaa instagrammia (MIKIRIIRII) blogin sijaan, sinne tulee varmasti päivitystä ja paljon! Olen jälleen koneen äärellä perjantaina! Tässä vähän kuvien puolesta ensimakua millaisia kuvia tulen ottamaan Riikasta ja paljon! Heitelkää mielipiteitänne ihanasta mekostani!
As you can see, my blog has gotten a new layout! Yesh! I went photoshooting yesterday with Sanna to a parkhalls rooftop. I got this amazing new dress from Nori. The dress is the last collection of WEEK DAY - FADE TO W and I am so much in love with it! We got many amazing shots and it inspired me then for to create something new here! What you think??

We are off to Riga on next Monday, so I am not so sure will I be posting anything here before that. Go on follow me on instagram (MIKIRIIRII) if you wish to see new pics from the trip everyday! I will be back home on Friday. The following shots will be what I am gonna go after In Riga so, this kind of photoshoots are to be waiting for you guys when I come back! Enjoy till then!

All pictures taken with my NIKON 3200 18-55mm.
Photoshopped also by me.
 My cute new telephone for my iphone. I got it mosty to be use for photoshoots, but look how cute it is! So pink!
Thank you so much for Sanna!



+★Such As Japanese Plastic Girls!!★+


So only in English this post. Yesterday we had the very first big Gyaru Meet Up here in Finland for such a long time and my first time to attend to it. I already knew a many of the girls that showed up, as I have read their blogs or had photoshooted them earlier during the years. A many new faces as well. So I had a little clothing issue a few days before the meet up. I wanted to put a little more effort on my make-up and clothing to honor the Gyaru traditions as my golden years of sweet gyaru are in the past now. So I needed to find outfit that would be faithful for my own new style but to look like I am one of them anyway touch I am not so pink anymore. I got a few new accessories from Glitter just day before the meet. I got the cap, bracelet and iphone case.  

As you can see here is my new camera I got for blogging. I am quite new with it as it seems to be a system camera, but comparing to my professional camera it's not even close. I got it mostly for my trip to Riga. I wanna get great Quality photos from there, so that if there is a good moment I can use the pictures for my job hunters portfolio without the quality sucking badly. Do I have afford to it? No, but my war invalid grandmother and my mother,they do! ❤❤ Thank you so much!
It's Nikon 3200 with 18-55mm objective. Real light and in difficult places it gives a good shot if you have a little time to concentrate. The quality is great. The system is simple. And without the live view it's real fast. The only thing is that with the focus it takes a real long time, sometimes if there is a lot going on in the picture. So, gotta watch out for that one! So a short review, and the pictures of the posts from now on taken with it!
Woah! I really like my eyes in this one O_O!! What's that pink in my eyeconer??
 We first went to buy picnic snacks from store and this woman fell in love with us all. "You all such barbies, let me take a photo, I won't go buy my daughter a barbie I show her picture. You all so pretty aah!" She was real cute! She couldn't get enough of us!
 We took a spot in plague park near by Kamppi. The start was so ackward as nothing happend for almost in next 2 hours so Julia and I went to take a few outfit photos.
 I love her urban hippie outfit! Just adorable.
CAP/Glitter - WEST/Zara - GALAXY TOP/New Yorker - SHORTS/Seppälä - BALLERINA/Dinsko
After Julia had to leave, for a dinner with her boyfriends family, I sat alone in a side for a while and then in a while I woke up from trans and moved into the middle to talk and check out the 2006 Egg magazines. Got they were awful! Sadly the only thing hasn't changed to better in the magazine are these sexual strips. The mags had kinda a lot of them, also some Japanese kamasutra?? Excuse me, what!?
 Group Photo of all of us -Julia! As the photographer instincst  in my brain I gathered everyone and got some random picnic girl to take our photo. She didn't wait for the camera to focuse long enough so the pictures turned out all blurry. Well it's still a good one! After that everyone started taking a lot of photos.
 Here with Sari as well!
 Cute Jasmine!
Viivi gathered everyone who got decorated nails to the same picture and I sneaked a photo of this as well! I wish I knew how to keep or do or design those, they are such piece of art, damn!
 Here are my nails I had in the meet. Natural nail and pink nail polish with some glitter on some nails. Nothing special. Kinda sad actually. Well I wasn't the only one, thank god! Also here the new iphone case I was talking about! Love the studs~
 Pinja, Sari, Amanda & Senja
 With Viivi & Pinja. God I look tiny!! :'DD Like a midget!
"e-excuse me, c-could I get trough?? ooh, camera!-"" xD Can't take it!
Looks like Pin would be flipping off!
 Jasmine, Anni, Viivi&Sari
We got free Tucs from the Tucs-Van!
 Fail pic to crown the post!
Next time everyone will be smoother with the actions talking and all!