+Dear Santa..+

Christmas has passed and the new year is already on the door! I am not gonna do a post of how did my holidays go because I can tell ya, it's too depressing for anyone to read. It was only missing a funeral to be the worst Christmas of the life time. But Instead I show you something nice I got from it to make it a bit more cheerful. PRESENTS! I don't give a damn if you have read already 100 of these, because I wanna show you what me and my awesome loved ones gave me!

But first I show a bit of how generous was I this year~
These awesome things I got for Nori!  iPhone case, make-up from Accessorize, strawberry earings, mug with my own design drawn of her fav character! (She broke the last one I made!)
 And look how awesome!! Monsters.INC University jacket!! It's sooooo cool! I'm gonna wear it at some photoshoots as well since it's so fancy! Aaand also Scrable the original, we've been playing it a lot after that! It's super good. (I just seem to only find the dirty words, I wonder why's that..)
And this frame that I printed my grandmothers and-fathers pictures. They look like royalties~ I did this present to give mother strength and hope on her final journey with her mother. It seemed to make her real happy and this frame is now next to her bed.

NOW may I present you MY presents~ 

What I bought for myself:
This super adorable big Rilakkuma wall calendar and one PS3 game, Atelier Ayesha!
And an photo album to go with one other present I got! I also got a new make-up table and mirror for our bedroom just as soon as I find someone to put up the mirror I will show it to you!
From Mom:
Loving thiiis!!
And this!!!
Can't wait to use this!!
New wigs!!
Two games! And there's the Atelier Ayesha! The Brave I have already played trough :').
She got me a lot of little things, like candies, decorations and stuff but also a lot of film for my new camera I got from my grandmother! 
May I present...
MY NEW AWESOME POLAROID CAMERA!! IIIHH!! It's been signed by my fav cutie brand Little Twin Stars! Above you can see I got matching fiiilm and the photo album to go with the pics~ teehee, I'm gonna do a review of this! Hii!! I'm so happy for it! 
I also got grandmas old hat! It's real fur, don't judge me, it's just so warm and puffy to not adore! It's vintage, reaaaal vintage. I also got a gift from my grandfather from beyond the grave, but more about that topic later~ 

Don't worry Nori didn't forget me either this year!
What I got from her was, warm socks, sexy panties (dum wouldn't know what was the message behind them, right?) warm hugs oh and a few other things!
 These super warm and nice mittens!!
 Don't judge me for this figurine. I am not much of an Otaku anymore these days, but I have my things that I won't ever let go off! Vegeta is my most adored character of all times. I have a few of him standing on my computer table, but one more I have wanted all this year, and finally my loved one got it for me!! I love it! It's nice how I can change his position and expressions along with my own mood swings.
The last I show you long wished perfume, Juicy Coutures new super adorable and lovely product! How awesome is the bottle?! I got this actually half from my mother-in-law and Nori. I'm super happy for it! Looks great on my new table~

So here were my presents! Which ones where your favs? Also if you have a post you made of your presents I would love to read them! I always get excited of what the others have gotten!! 

Happy new year! 
See you tomorrow with a new post!


+Glamour Eye Color+

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I got some awesome presents this year and can't wait to show them to you all! But while waiting check out these awesome new lenses I got from GeoColouredLenses! You find the post and review from HERE! A lot more colors and information of the lenses!


+Etude BB vs. CC+

So I made a promise to make reviews of the ETUDE HOUSE products I had ordered, and the first up is BB-Cream VS. CC-Cream. I haven't used Photoshop on this post so all results that are to appear are exactly what would meet your eye. I want to point out that my skin tone is really pale, so the colors may appear different on your own skin. 
So here with no make-up or base lotions. Colors are a bit warmer so that I won't look like living dead, but no photoshop magic done in this one.
 Only BB-Cream on my skin. Fades really well all the none wanted color mistakes on the skin like veins and red spots. The BB-Cream faded on my skin and turned lighter once it had dried up. It's texture is very powder like when it has been on skin for 3 minutes. Easy to blend with a brush or fingers.
The CC-Cream was color of white before it took the shades and tones of my skin as it dried. It was hard to apply and made me first look like a zombie. Took 2 minutes to blend with skin tones and didn't cover as well as the BB-Cream. Yet it was real light on my face and  had this nice healthy glow on the skin as was promised. Works well if you want to do real natural nude make-up or just wear a base but not look like living dead. 
After testing these I must say that the BB-Cream was maybe better for my needs. I will still use CC-Cream when I go to store or appointments where I won't be needing make-up but want to look nice in a very natural way.

So my fav was BB-Cream which one would fit your needs?
Today we have our little Christmas party with friends! Tomorrow I'll be apart from Nori for 5 days as she will join her family for Christmas, so can be promised I will be real active in here! 

Which should I review next? Take a look at the other options from this brand HERE!

Till next time!


+Etude Moved In To My House+

Hi, hey, Hello!
This week I got a big package from Korea. What was inside? My new super favorite brand in make-ups from..
I'm gonna show now all the things I ordered, but not gonna tell more now since I am gonna do review posts from each one of them! So you still have to wait, but mean while you can just adore these amazing packs they came in with!
Base Cream for red and dark spots in the skin.
Shimmer for face to glow.

Aren't they gorgeous?! 
Which one shall I test first?? Tell me!

Till next time!


+Soon Is Christmas+


I've been real quiet around my blog lately. Christmas is keeping me busy and awful things have happened to me lately. I am not quite sure how I have energy to still do things, but for my blog I have had ideas but not enough energy. I apologize for that. A lot of topics are gonna be on their ways before new year and till that I will do my best to get back in the game!

Shortly, I had to quit my job because of my criminal boss, I am currently having a flue and my grandmother is in such bad shape that she may not see the year 2014. She is in her ages of 91 in a week. Her heart is letting go and she is terrified where will she spend the rest of her days.

Last time I lost someone was almost 13 years ago, my dearest grandfather. He always felt like the father for me and for his war records I was always real proud. It's been so many years, and when it happened I was real young, but I still shed a tear or two almost every other day. I miss him so badly. I know it's grandma's time to go, I have been well aware of that for years now. Still I know how this is gonna feel for my mother. She is going to loose the last parent of hers and I feel how it takes all out of her. This unstable times, all time afraid when will be the time, and yet it all happens under Christmas. Christmas was never that good for us anyway. I wonder will we even celebrate it after this. A reminder of the awful day every year. Well Christmas has always been only about presents to us, me and mom. I have always wanted to celebrate it with Nori, but every year she leaves to be together with her own family and leaves me here for 4 days. At times like this I wished she wouldn't, but I can't ask her to ruin her own Holidays for to stay here being upset with me. I know Christmas is way more important to my in-laws than for me. I still wish this all wouldn't happen just now. This fall has been so full of fear and sorrow already and now this..

To cheer up this post a little, I share a few Christmas preparation pictures I have taken so far. 
Today I'm gonna take my first steps to the wild after 4 whole days inside the house!

 Merry Christmas!