+♥~Dolly Lip Tutorial~♥+

How you all doing? I've been real busy and I am so sorry for it. Lot of work and next week I am gonna tell ya something that I've wanted to write about here already since this March! So I am real excited and can't wait! But today I finally had a little time and made a tutorial for you. 

So these pictures are gonna, at least I hope so, teach you how to do a dolly look with lip tint. This awesome look has it's home land in Japan. Gyarus and Lolitas have used this lip jewel for years to finish their dolly looks. I've wanted to try lip tint out for years but I've always forgotten. Now I ordered 3 different producers lip tints and gonna test them as they will arrive. The first lip tint that arrived is out brand and very basic. This one tastes and smells awful so I think it's not very safe to use, but it will do for this one.
So what you need for this look is, lip tint, lipstick, foundation and lip gloss.
I used off brand lip tint, Body Shop shimmer lipstick and Maybelline New York lip gloss.

Let's see what I got done with these products!

How the look is with a deep colored lipstick.
Which one do you prefer?

How you like of this tutorial?
What would you like to see next?! LET ME KNOW ♥


+Yan-Chan Look+

Here, let me show you my top favorite outfit this early winter! Why its called Yan-Chan look? My friend Yan-chan who was with us in Stockholm wares clothes like this very often and I kinda felt like her in this, so it got its name by her!
Here I tried to add some Liz Lisa Winter accessories to this look and now its a bit more me like!
I love Yan-chans style and wanted to try something soft and vintage like for exchange. I'm sorry that many my pics are taken is studio now, but it gets so early dark in here and once I get out from work it's already too dark for a outfit photos, so please forgive me this!
 All outfit is from H&M.What you think of this?

+Pink Sweet Giveaway for Christmas!+

Hi there!
No snow yet here in Finland, but the frost has landed. Yesh!

This summer I got a sponsor from Blippo.com, for new fella readers that post can be found from HERE where I reviewed a few products from them.
This month for the upcoming Christmas they are having together with me a giveaway! This giveaway is international and produced with Rafflecopter.
And here it is! Super sweet Japanese candies and cookies! They all look so yummy!

Here is still a link for all the candies of this giveaway!

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4. Ends on 22.12.2013
5. Do it now! ;D

Good luck to you all!!

While waiting take a look at Blippos SALE!


+Greetings From Sweden+

I was suppose to do this ages ago, but better later than never! 
So here are the things I bought from Stockholm in October.
 These were so cheap in the Science Fiction! Only 9€ each!
 These came with the Ageha and Cutie. Make-up bag and super good mirror!
 Oresama Teacher. I'm so hooked with this! I just went to buy the volumes 7&8 yesterday!
 I couldn't take any pictures from the inside the castle, but I was able to buy cards from the royal gift shop!
I love crowns. The crown as a symbol is my total favorite, I adore them! So also these towels for kitchen and the crown pin I got from the Royal Crown Museums Gift Shop. They are Christmasy right?
 This movie was real good, I had a long time wanted to see it, so when I saw it, I bought it! I suggest you to watch it!
 Plastic pockets, so cute!
 This iphone case was bought from the market place. I regret nothing!

Impressive that I bought not a one single clothing! Record. Well there they were, what you think?
I have to soon start getting ready for Steve Maddens first blogger night here in Finland where I am attending with Jasmine. Anyone else coming there tonight? Come say hi and we can take a picture!

Bye and wish luck!


+Fantasy Games+

 Fantasiapelit manga store in Helsinki reopened their shop in a new place last Saturday. The new shop is now located under Kaivopiha, next to Suomalainenkirjakauppa and Subway. The new space was huge and there seemed to be so much more stuff than before!
 There was a long while since I had read any manga last time. In Stockholm I anyway discovered a new series, Oresama Teacher, which hooked the both of Nori and I. So when the Fantasiapelit opened a new shop I rushed there to buy four more books of my new fav. Hih, nice to see that the old me is not all gone.
 We also dropped by to see this years Christmas land at Stockmann. As usual I wanted to buy everything. This time I got a great photoshoot idea, that I am gonna go for to have a photo art show next year. Now I just need to find suitable models for this case. 
 I have all of my Christmas tree decorations from Stockmann. I can't wait to put our white tree up next month!
I love this one! I bought one a bit a like for my self with better colors!
 Lunch at Amarillo. I usually always take fish, but this time I wanted to try something else.
 Shrimp Pocket. I can't suggest this seriously to anyone. It was really fresh and light tasting but more I ate it, the more like soap it tasted. It made me nauseous, so I ended mostly eating only the potatoes with mayo. God that pissed me off-- (Sorry I am hungry now and just getting back to that state as I was in the restaurant. Time for my second lunch I think.)

Now I mentioned Christmas this must be the first year I am having troubles with presents. Have you guys started already?