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So I made a promise to make reviews of the ETUDE HOUSE products I had ordered, and the first up is BB-Cream VS. CC-Cream. I haven't used Photoshop on this post so all results that are to appear are exactly what would meet your eye. I want to point out that my skin tone is really pale, so the colors may appear different on your own skin. 
So here with no make-up or base lotions. Colors are a bit warmer so that I won't look like living dead, but no photoshop magic done in this one.
 Only BB-Cream on my skin. Fades really well all the none wanted color mistakes on the skin like veins and red spots. The BB-Cream faded on my skin and turned lighter once it had dried up. It's texture is very powder like when it has been on skin for 3 minutes. Easy to blend with a brush or fingers.
The CC-Cream was color of white before it took the shades and tones of my skin as it dried. It was hard to apply and made me first look like a zombie. Took 2 minutes to blend with skin tones and didn't cover as well as the BB-Cream. Yet it was real light on my face and  had this nice healthy glow on the skin as was promised. Works well if you want to do real natural nude make-up or just wear a base but not look like living dead. 
After testing these I must say that the BB-Cream was maybe better for my needs. I will still use CC-Cream when I go to store or appointments where I won't be needing make-up but want to look nice in a very natural way.

So my fav was BB-Cream which one would fit your needs?
Today we have our little Christmas party with friends! Tomorrow I'll be apart from Nori for 5 days as she will join her family for Christmas, so can be promised I will be real active in here! 

Which should I review next? Take a look at the other options from this brand HERE!

Till next time!

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  1. Kiitos tästä postauksesta! :) Tekisi mieli hankkia melkeimpä kummatkin, mutta luulempa että toi CC-voide vois itseasiassa olla ihan jännä kokeilla, kun tykkään tosi luonnollisesta meikistä.~


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