+Antlered Talking To Myself+

I got something awesome from mail earlier this week!
Accessories from Talking To Myself-Jewellery.
She is a Finnish jewel designer and ships her work worldwide.

These antlers are her newest designs.
I prefer a little more simple design on this kind of accessories. 
Just so that they'd fit with all styles. These were so adorable!
Milla prefers to make only unique pieces so that there will never be anything similar. You can also order from her your own designs if her current collections are not fitting your season!

This morning the devilish nature of Finland had decided to shock everyone with a back up winter. Just when everything was warm and melted now all ground in covered in snow. I wanted to take advantage of the snowing cool weather and 10 after waking up put on make up and headed to our yard to take a few freezing pictures!

Well it was actually quite freezing, tough I ran back to home I melted quite fast!
The outfit is from H&M by the way. I bought the shirt and skirt last week when I was meeting Mel again. The wig is one false call. I ordered a cool gradient wig with light purple and deep purple, but instead I got this one. I was planing to burn it but then I just tried it on this morning and found it quite fitting. What do you think?

Today Finland's gyaru people are meeting again at Helsinki but since my client is coming to photoshoots 6 p.m I wasn't able to go. I should've left so early and erased the make up real fast, so I saved the bother from that and just prepared this post all day. 

Well what you think?
I am gonna show the rest of the "
Talking To Myself" accessories later!

Next post will be up tomorrow about my new wigs I got from SoLolita.com. 
Meanwhile you can go ask me about photography and editing trough the picture below!

Wish me luck for work!


  1. Mikset tehnyt valitusta peruukista? :C tosin toikin on hurjan nätti! ihania kuvia.

    1. Teinhän toki valituksen ja sain rahat takaisin! Harmitti vain kun en tiennyt mitä tuolle tekisin, onneksi löytyi yksi hyötykäyttö, kun viimein kuukauden jälkeen uskalsin asettaa sen ohimoilleni :') Kiitoksia kovasti, tykkään itsekin kovin!

  2. Amazing photos! It must be really cold but you look so pretty. I love how the cool colours come together, lilac hair, blue eyes, mint skirt.... :D


    1. Thank you, Hanie! ♥ The cool colors of winter are so close to my heart~ ♥

  3. Aivan ihania kuvia, taianomaisia! :D
    Lumisuus sopi niin hyvin tohon hommaan..hihi ^__^

    Olen itsekin noita sarvia kuolannut, ne on niin mahtavia ja muitakin neitokaisen tekeleitä, jokusen jo omistankin. <3

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Voi kiitos, kaunis!
      Milla on kyllä lahjakas!


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