+Give Me This Dress!+

Hi there!

Magnum Finland is having this contest where you have to design your own party outfit and share it on Instagram in order to win two special designers to do it for you as a price! Plus awesome party and facial styling for the big event! So aaawesome!

 I've been, can't even recall how long, searching for a dress like this one I designed! It's perfect for me, the white lace on the top adds a few pounds and covers my skinny shoulders, the under bust starting dress line will give me more bust and booty to make my figure like Tinkerbell. Just where the hem will end it's to cover my knees to leave my feet look just fairy and wonderful. And of course the final great touch will be the pumps in darker tone of the dress and  a bow on top of my head. Just perfect. 

Delicious - Innocent and pleasure.
Just like Magnum!

(Sorry For the Finnish texts, the contest is in Finnish)

The winner will be one of the 10 most liked photos on Instagram and from those 10 the judges will choose 2 looks that they will choose as the winners!

So if you wish my dream to come true and see pictures and posts of one hell of a party in this style go on and PLEASE go like this picture on 

Thank you very much my darlings!
I will treasure you!

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