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Heippaa! Oon selaillu viimeaikoin ihan sikana SHEINSIDE.comissa ja sain inspiraation! Tein kaksi kuva kollaasia joissa olen käyttäny vaatteita sheinsideista ja jotain mitä löysin tumblrista TÄÄLTÄ. Tein myös kollaaseja kaikista ihanista jutuista joita en voi saada vielä. Lottovoittoa odotellessa! Nauttikaa! 

p.s. Graafiset taitoni ovat ruosteessa, pahoittelen! YRITIN KUITENKIN!

Hi there! I've been such a bad girl! I have been all over the SheInside.com webstore for the few past days! I have found so many things I like, so I decided to make a few collages and few art pieces of their clothings. The clips I have used I found from this TUMBLR. Except for the giraffes legs and "hands". Please do enjoy and tell me what you think!

p.s. my graphic skills are a bit rusty now so have some mercy!

1. ALWAYS wanted to have a galaxy print skirt/dress! This one looks just like the one!
2. So puffy, would be lovely for party or photoshoots!
3. Easy to make casual or party.
4. Simple to mix with everything!
5. So sweeeet!
6. Bohem I love it!
1. You gotta admit that is cool!
2. Asking for a belt and my new blonde wig and I'd be ready to go!
3. That would make me look so biig~~
5. So sweet. I miss those times, at least one dress like that wouldn't break my new code, right??
6. This one is so unique! And would be perfect fit for my travel this fall!

1. This is so pop with simple skirt or shorts! Love it!
2. So simple, would wear it by the beach!
3.  So pop and cute I can't stand!
4. Sporty!
5. Sporty in Kansas way!
6. I usually am not into this kind of print. It's more like Noris style, but I somehow love the light colors there~ Wanna have!

3. So simple I gotta love it~
4. Waiting for the big legs to finally wear these~ Love them!
5. Still waiting..!
6. Thooose might.. no I am still waiting!

1. This sweat' is so light looking and sweet. It makes me wanna cry for all the sensitivity it beholds~
2. I do shine bright like a diamond!
3. That is so hipster!
4. Cute jumpsuit! Would be simple choice when having a bad dress up day!
5. Not sure of the color but the design is lovely!
6. Look at that! What is not to like?? It's so special! I wanna try it ooon!

I am not much into the accessories but these two necklaces are just.. wow. THE LAMP!

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration spam! Have a lovely weekend!!~ 

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