+One Day Wearing Pastel+


It's been very silent here in my blog. I haven't forgotten, just simply don't have time or energy right now. My family is starting a new business and I am busy on helping them out. My all days go online searching for items and stuff. I will tell more about this when it's a bit closer to be done, but I can assure the Finnish girls that they are gonna love it!

Two weeks in a row being at home only staring at my computer screen 8 hours a day. Believe me, your eyes want to explode after it. Today Mel finally was able to get me out from work and join her at Kamppi. Last time was quite dark but today we had extra fun! After shopping, eating and catching up the few last months she took a few pictures of me outside. Yes it was cold.

But a funny thing happened when I was posing the Flamingo. Suddenly I saw on my right a figure that I first thought was a pervert. Before I had realized, Mel was laughing and I noticed it was a cute old man who was posing exactly like me. Just randomly! He didn't say anything, just smiled happy and then walked away. This never happens! Totally Tumblr! I start to miss grandpa when I watch this picture.

Just after a few buys we realized with Mel that Kamppi shopping mall had a day for special prizes. We found from the sales magazine that there was someone making manicure for 15€. We looked at each other and down to our awful condition of nails and agreed instantly. We went to get our reservations and headed back to the saloon 15:30!

Bluelagoon was a new place for me. It had been ages since I was in the manicure the last time. This 15€ pack was 30 minutes and it included; oil care, light massage, nail buffing and a nail polish of your own choice. 

I got struggling already at choosing from all these lovelies that which color I'd want!!
I ended in a very neutral choice. Ash pink matte. 

The treatment was so relaxing. I wished it would've never ended! I got my treatment from Reea-Maria. I really liked her way to work and her personality. I might have enjoyed too much since the treatment was over so quickly. I bought the nail polish that was used from her. And must say that my nails are flawless! And the polish wasn't wet after the treatment even tough she didn't use the UV oven. 

She got me hooked, I must do this again soon! I don't spoil myself enough with beauty treatments. Maybe now I will start a new era again in my life and it needs this kind of special care?

 If you have extra time or go to shopping on weekend I think the sales are still on till Sunday. 

Lookie the nails, so niiiice! The picture doesn't give 
them enough credit tough. Color in this is a bit too orange. 
The white around is my nail dust after buffing. It got washed off!

Such a lovely day! I kept my promise I didn't work. Plus I've started to drink more water! I use to drink something like 3 small glasses a day. But past 3 days 6! Healthy I'm on my way! I just wish the water didn't fill my stomach so much....

Oh and you must've noticed something new!
That's right Rest In Peace Diet top. I love this one.
I saw it before on Tumblr and when I ran into in on Ebay, I couldn't resist. 
It got my message and everything. No diets only cupcakes!

Thank you Mel for this day!
Thank you Bolin for streching on my picture!
And also thank you for the 360 people who follow me on INSTAGRAM @MIKIRIIRII!

Tomorrow Nori will be working all day and night. So if someone wants to keep me company or have photoshoots, you are free to inform me! 

Thank you!


  1. Oh, ihan uskomaton juttu!! Ja haha itekin oon 'heränny' juomaan vettä, parhaimmillaan juonut ehkä sen kolme lasii puhdasta vettä viikossa; en käsitä enää miten se on mahdollista. Ja ah paita on pitkään aikaan piristävintä, mihin oon törmänny blogitumblrpinterest-akselilla: NIIN oikee asenne! vaikka toki, oishan sekin varmaan todella inspiroivaa että paidassa olis harmaa mössö puuroo ja raejuustoo. tätilopetus: älä toki uuvuta itseäsi, liian monta isoa palaa (kuppi) kakkua, ei tee kellekään hyvää, rakkautta ja valoa sinne!

    1. Olen aina ollut huono juomaan! Nautinnosta pepsiä ja muita namusia sokerin täyteisiä herkkuja. Nyt kuitenkin hampaitani ajatellen pyrin muutokseen! Tuo paita on eeeerittäin herkku!
      Harmaata mössöä? Kuulostaa niin epäesteettiseltä että kuuluisi melkein Milanon catwalkille!
      Älä huoli, olen poistunut niin harvoin kotoa lähiaikoina että herkkujen osto on jäänyt todella olemattomaksi! Tänään ajattelin kuitenkin palkita itseni paketilla donitseja jälkkäriksi! Jee!

  2. Ahw such a cute post!! I really, really love the day with you! Had so much fun! :)
    And the manicure wasthe best of it :]

    See you soon Miki <3

    1. I share everything you just said! Soon again! SOON!

  3. What the man did was really funny lol. I would've thought he was some pervert too if he randomly stood there, turns out he was just having fun. But random things that happen like that usually make my day hahaha~ XD


  4. <3 your blog!! And your hair ;)


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