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I know there's a lot of sponsoring things going on. 
But I am super glad for it! Making sponsor posts is fun.
I post now a days all sponsor things below the link "SPONSOR" 
on top of the blog. But everytime there's a new sponsor I introduce them here 
right a way on the blog side!

Which brings me to the next review that is sponsored by Dresslily.com!

 A few weeks ago I started a sponsorship with Dresslily.com. 
They gave me 15$ that which worth I could pick anything from their shop to review here on my blog. Must say that would've been easier to find something worthy of 15€, but it's all right!

 I found this super cute dress that I figured would go with anything. 

The dress can be found from HERE with price tag to 15$

I'm always a bit aware to buy clothes that are sized for one, because it usually means too big for me. But this dresses waist was flexable to get tight around anything so it worked fine for my body. The top was too loose, but actually looks like that's how it's suppose to be. Only minus is that I don't know who's waist the heck would that ribbon get around of if it was WAY too short for ME?! Weird one size if you ask from me. 

This dress gave me an idea to do something new for my review. 
This is the first casual clothing that I've gotten to review 
so I thought that would be nice to show with what would 
I wear it so I came up with a few examples!

I find so many awesome clothings from Dresslily that I can't wait till the next time!
The prices are not too bad and the quality is quite fine after seeing and tested this dress.
Just a bit wrinckly as it arrived but the iron took care of it and now it looks great!

Which one is your favorite? 
You think this kind of review is nicer?
Anyone has ordered before from Dresslily.com?

This post was sponsored by dresslily.com.


  1. omg the batman cap is awesome, where did you get it?? :o

    1. Beside the point but I got it from H&M last spring!

  2. ootpas kyllä huisin söpö! n__n

  3. Järjettömän kaunista! ☼.☼ Oot kuin sellainen hieno cupcake, yhtä syötävä.

    1. Kiitoksia! Jaa että cupcake, herkullinen kehu!! ♥♥


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