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Hi there you guys!

This time blogging happens from behind my iPad. Writing with it is a total pain tough, so I got something to help with it a little bit. Keyboard in a pink leather case!!
     
I must admit that it's not perfect at all. I got this baby from Ebay a month back. It just arrived yesterday. This is a bit weird how the symbold, marks and letters are almost all in different places. So long for making things easier. Well it's still faster that by typing with 2 fingers.

Price was 26$ shipping included. Not bad! The case is real good quality!

The quality of the case instead is perfect! Thick and soft. Could drop my iPad from 3 meters high and it wouldn't face any damage! At least that's how it feels! Totally loving the color.

Oh and this works by bluetooth. Charge the battery with usb on computer or the same you use to load your iphone.  There's a place in the settings app on bluetooth that will find the keyboard automatically. Mhh.. I wish this could autocorrect now. I am super tired as Nori just came home from work and my eyes are roaming so much between the words. My apologies!

So what you guys think?
I know it's not completely awesome, missing mouse and all. But when I don't wanna use the keyboard I can just move it off. It works well without it as well. Finally a case right color and size!

Well gotta go! I've been pissed and down today so sleep is really what I need!
Good night/morning everyone!


  1. I don't use an iPad or tab because I don't like using the virtual keyboard to do my stuff but it looks like having that keyboard will help you out a lot! Everything is so pink here, even your cup and saucer! :D


    1. I share that feeling, that's he reason I found the keyboard useful. With the virtual one I keep making mistakes in my writing and people don't get the half I'm saying! :') I know, I have a pink soul~

  2. Oh my god! It's super cutee! *w*


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