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Howdy! How ya doing!

I've been busy all day preparing the birthday video of mine for tomorrow! Almost ready! Will be online by noon I think. 22-years sure came out fast didn't they? I hope I'm gonna get some suprises tomorrow!
On Saturday we went with Sally to Messukeskus in Helsinki for the I Love Me trade fair of this year. My interests in there are always the cheap shoes and fashion shows. And the best of all, the wedding dresses. Nori has been to meet her family this weekend so I've been spending time with my mother. Must say this fashion weekend hit the perfect time!
Sally & I. How hot are we?? This is the best picture in the world!
 My favorite juice bar in Helsinki had also attended. We both took their most delicious smoothies! Pink Panther. I usually don't mind for smoothies since they have so low calories, but their smoothies are so icy and fresh that I just love them!  Who cares if something I eat doesn't contain 1000kcl?!
 Wanted to buy one of these for Nori, but they were real expensive and I didn't have enough cash with me.. Honey if you reading this, the thought counts right?!
One day I am gonna be the bride of the day, but till that day comes I am gonna go crazy at the wedding sections everywhere I go! I wanna wear that white cloudy puffy dream~ And I am turning Nori to agree on the wedding when she has been strongly against it, so YAY me!
 Ted Barker and my perfect crown for my wedding, I can already see it~
 These hair look amazing!
And after that THE fashion show!
 I have totally started to like Polina. She came real high in the Finlands Next Top Model and she has been everywhere after that. Many of my colleague have been photo shooting her a lot and I have started to want that myself.. have to take a look at my contacts and find out what I could do with her!
 Before we left I met Sharon and Henriikka. They were both attending the Bloggers Lounge. Sharon and I are having a photoshoot this week if the leafs won't fall from the trees before we find good time!
And the only thing I bought were these shoes! Aren't they cute??
Till tomorrow!!
If you wanna wish me happy birthday would be fun if you tagged me on your insta-picture @mikiriirii and wished me happy birthday that a way!~ Kinda the kind of suprise I had in mind. Anyhow! Good night guys! See ya tomorrow!

p.s. The SoLolita Sponsored Package Arrived Today!


  1. This is amazing!! I saw about this event in another blog already^^ It seems to be so easy to get famous in finland is you are a blogger huh? It seems to be like that.. I see so many finish bloggers who are guests on special blogger events and are in magazines etc. that's amazing!^^ Is Germany there is nothing like this blogger scene which get supported from 'real' companies etc., really interesting and amazing^^

    1. Famous? I am not famous for my blog, dear~ Or famous in anyway. I happen to be in a right place on a right time. And I am a photographer so I know a lot of people for my job~

  2. Ihanan värikkäitä kuvia! Muokkaatko niitä jälkikäteen?

  3. Voi Miki <3 aina niin söpönä!

  4. Aww... Niin paljon kaikkee ihanaa!


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