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Hello there darlings, how's fall treating you?
A few week back I got a new sponsor out from Eye Candy's.com.
They sell a lot of kind of things, beside the circle lenses. Japanese and Korean makeup, eyelashes, wigs and even Fuji Film mini instant film cameras with many different designs of film to go with! Also shipping international is FREE! I am in love with this store completely! And the design of the store outlook is also very much for my like as well. I know what I want for Christmas this year!
I got to decide a pair of circle lenses from the entire that I wished to test and I chose..

These lenses include the following bases:
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 6 months disposable
Price: 29,60$
The post pack arrived for me in a few days alter than a week. So I'd find it very fast to ship to Finland. Especially when the Eye Candy's was waiting for my eyelash order to be shipped at the same time.
The pack contained some extra information and a lens expire card. In that you could mark the lenses in your use and when are they gonna get expired. Real handy!
 This was my first time the lenses didn't come in bottles!
 If you haven't opened this kind of package before, there is in the back a note that says "Open". Carefully slight the corner and be careful that the lens won't get stuck to the glue base when you slide it to the lens case with the liquid.

The lenses did blend kinda well into my light blue eyes, but gotta admit that they made my eyes look like I had cried or not slept in days since when I looked quickly they looked like red is only surrounding my eyes. But I still like them a lot! Design is brilliant and they have many color choices!
I think the Grey lenses from this series would've fit my eyes better, but what can I do? I love pink and purple! Shop them from the pictures link!

It took a while from me before these lenses took their place in the eye. But once they did they were un-noticable!
No-one can say no to this color combo!
Perfect to blend in any color of an eye.
Light Eye: 
Any of the colors is blendable for light eyes. Just remember to choose the color by your eyes temperature. If you have warm green eyes, don't choose the cool colors. The warm such as sunset pink and brownish will blend in way better!
Follow their facebook page from the picture bellow! 
They are having a Halloween giveaway so make yourself a note and attend!

Hope this review was a lot of help for you! And all you pink and princess stuff fans should support this store! That's what this princess is doing! Plus a little hint for the eyelash review, one pair of the lashes are from this store ;)

Till next time! 
Thanks for reading and supporting Eye Candy's!

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