+Wigs! Wigs! [Sponsored]+

So you guys weren't the fans of Lolita. That's alright! I got a new sponsor off Lolitadressesshop.com. But fear not this time the sponsorship contains only wigs! I picked a few of my favorites from their store.
All wigs are heat resistant fibre. There are wigs for fancy photoshoots or daily regular use.

Which ones are your favorites and can you guess which ones did I pick?


  1. 2 on mun lemppari! Mutta veikkaisin, että sä otit 4 jaaa 3?

  2. I would choose number 3 or 6 ♥
    ...and for you... puh that's difficult but maybe number 8? Because it's so different from all the things you already have? ö - ö

    1. Hih Hih, let's see which ones did I get ;) But you have brilliant taste!

  3. 1,3 & 5 omat lempparit <3 ihania. En osaa veikata mitkä valittit mut toivottavasti edes jonkun noista!


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