I've been photoshooting a lot lately. And not only for my job projects.
Last week I wanted to use my girlfriend as my model again after a real long time. And since I am crazy about her hairstyle I wanted to make it as GAY as any hair has ever been on this planet.

 Now of course I couldn't dye her hair really for just one photoshoot, so I used my drawing pastels instead! Using them gave me an idea to make a little tutorial of how to use them!
 First try the color of your like to a paper. Example if you make this rainbow, sketch the rainbow with the colors you gonna use!
 Prepare the layers by a hair clip or a ponytail. This works either are you gonna dye the whole hair, do dip-dye or highlights! 
 Take little light slices of your hair and choose a way you wanna do this.
1. You can use the pastels dry on your hair. You have to push pretty hard and it might be a bit painful. But this works well for real light hair or making highlights!
 2. Wet the pastels. Use water and a pencil brush to apply the pastel color on your hair. Quicker and perfect for full hair dye or dip-dye. Draw the color of pastel into a big circle on the paper and weit it with the brush. The color attaches to the brush. Just basically paint the hair the way you like.
 If color is too dark then just light it up with more water.
 With layers remember to dry the hair first before adding color to the next slice of hair. The color might attach to where you don't want it to other wise. 
The color leaves when you next wash your hair, so not permanent! Great for photoshoots or parties! Made quite a mess but here is the..
What you like of the picture?!


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