+Ahoy Sailor!+

Today I am gonna show you a little different kind of fashion and photoshoots I had for myself this time. I have had a long time a plan of styling my self up to look like one of the most inspiring creations on this planet for me. Ball Jointed Dolls. Just being prepared I've borrowed you a picture from Angel Dolls Blog.
These my fellow readers are Japanese dolls. Adorable and a bit creepy? They are super expensive and sensitive. I don't own one and never will bit when you create one on your own they look super unique and gorgeous. You may see and read more of them HERE

These dolls inspired me to create myself to become one of them using photoshop as little as possible. Only in the last photo I used Photoshops helping hand a little to create something creepy, other ways only to change the colors. Angle changed ofter to see how the make-ups effect in the face changes as the camera moves. Anyhow I needed a proper dress for this look as I got one navy sailor dress sponsored by SoLolita.Com. Review of the dress HERE.

Okay! Here are the pictures!

Here the close up of the make-up. In BW 'cause it's easier to focus.
Here you can see the before after.
Well what you think of this look?

Thank you So Lolita for the dress!
Till next time guys!


  1. I have a friend who collects these ball jointed dolls.
    I find them hauntingly beautiful.
    You really do look like a doll in these photos.
    Can I request a ball jointed doll make-up tutorial?

    Happy New Year
    tale care, Pri

    1. Thank you! Your friend is really lucky!
      Tutorial of how I did this? Wow, that's gonna be a hard case, you have a exact make-up on a doll you'd wish me to do? :)

      Happy new year to you too!
      - Miki

  2. Vau! :D Noi silmät on kyllä ihan uskomattomat! Ps. oon jo hieman päässyt siitä Ted Baker -kateudesta saatuani lohdutukseks Korsin... haha!

  3. You're so gorgeous! I love how you did your makeup here :3

  4. Oot taas niiiin upee, etten ehkä kestä ;__; Oon haaveillut noista nukeista ehkä ikuisuuden, ehkä vielä joskus hamstraan sellasen itelleni :3

    1. Voi kiitooos! Jos näin tulee tapahtumaan otat sitten superina kuvia! :D ❤

  5. Niin tää on se mekko jonka valitsit, ihana<3

    1. Yup! Tai no toka niistä, mutta tää on kivampi! ❤

    2. Sailor tyyli toimii aina<3


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