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The past year was full of miracles and awesome things I had never done before! Sure mistakes were made and heart didn't leave without cracks this year either, but I survived and as the year 2014 has fallen upon us I have decided to write all my feels in this post and let the bad things go! Many have done these year posts and this is kinda the first time I am doing it. I wanted to use photos that you may not have seen before unless you'd follow my INSTAGRAM @Mikiriirii. Let's start from..

In January I was being optimistic for the up coming year. I had decided to do something I haven't done before. We took a trip to Tallinn with Nori, the little trip for the first time alone together outside Finland. Also my grandmothers 90th birthday was held and for the first time I met my relatives. Also here my sense of style was taking a new turn.
This month we were having hard time on finding ourselves a bigger home. While waiting I got my first lens sponsor and was playing hard on the Japanese dating story games. (Sorry they have a real name but I'm having hard time on membering that!) We packed our things and prepared our move away from Malmi.

We moved to a big new home! Excitement in our bellies grew me new confidence and I had the most magical dream that would change my life forever. I dreamed of writing a book (can't tell the subject or name yet) that would become a huge success and bring me all the fave and glory I ever wanted. I took bull by the horns and before I knew I got a publisher from Tammi for my book. And so my destiny along with this new project began and still goes on till 1st of April 2014. Also my long waited New Yorkers shop was opened in Helsinki. Big despointment in the end but the publish day was awesome! With all these feelings I was excited to tell my friends of this book and also to welcome a new family member for a while.

We had our house warming party where we welcomes Sanny as our new roomate for a few months. Book had given me so much confidence that I had decided to forget about my body problems for a while and just be happy with what I have. So my relationship to fairy body had taken a new turn and I was happy. In this month a lot of meetings with Tammi and eating tons of lunchs with Sanny and drinking hell lot of Bubble Tea!
In may happened nothing very special. I was hanging out with Sanny a lot and finding my style over and over again. Tasted avocado which by the way is so far the most awful thing after mushrooms I have tasted. Draw it game was in a hard use and we went to see a fashion show in City Center. It was awesome!
This month I got a sponsor out from MaxStar shoes and I fell in love with the brand totally! I got my photo in costume and there was the long waited Helsinki pride that we went together with tons of friends! 
We were visiting a lot of places this month! It was so full of all kind of things! We went for a day to mansion of Haiko for photoshoots and plan our wedding in a theoretical way. Noris little brother visited us and we went to the Korkeasaari Zoo. It was super stormy there that was kinda cool tough we got wet real badly there and animals were a sleep. I met the huge group of Finnish Gyarus in a first meet-up after a long break! I was also preparing our first huge trip to Riga!

I got a prepresent from my grandmother and mom. They bought me a better mini camera for my trip to Riga. Staying in the most amazing suite room and expensive hotel to blow our minds! Tons of awesome pictures and the rise season of my blogs followers. Also in this month I met Sally for the first time in Cosmo party and we became friends. Now I don't know how'd I do without her.
I was photo graphing all summer super much for my book that in this month I was super busy again on trying to finish all the rest of them. Also writing started. I had time a little for my own photoshoots. Also Sally and I ended in Cosmo from the party! 
October, my birthday month. I was truly expecting things to go perfectly here. I was feeling upset for hading to quit another job for difficulties with the boss and for the up coming birthday that I knew would have no party around it. On the other hand there was a friend trip to Stockholm so it cheered a little. Sally and I attended to Fashion event and I got a sponsor from SoLolita.com. I did my very first video update of eyelashes it can be seen HERE. My friends and Nori had put up for me a secret SUPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! OMG! I had been dreaming of it all my life! Even tough the place wasn't crowded I still felt a lot of love and was as happy as can be! Stockholm was awesome as well after this party! So it ended up quite great! Also GeoColouredLenses.com became my new sponsor this month.

Photoshoots in Hotel Kämp was amazing experience for my courier and the result you can see HERE. I was also a hostess in this years Gal Halloween party in my own house that was a succes! Excited for starting a new job I moved from Stockholm to work in Luca. That was the biggest mistake and trauma in my life. It's hard for me to write about this thing sense my boss did awful things for me. I also heard from him that he had been dating some 16-year old girls here in Finland to fill up his loneliness, which is super disgusting. This criminal I would no longer do a favor so I left. Forcing myself to forget about him and his awful doings I moved forward to work on my book and focused on my sponsors that kept growing as lolitadressesshop.com became my new sponsor with the wigs. For your safety and make this man pay for the sufferings he has caused I would hope no-one to support he shop or go work there. He has two sided mind and I don't want ANYONE to get hurt like I did. Please keep yourselves save girls. I hope it tells enough to you that he tried to get into my house 11.pm when my mother-in-law was here. That's all I am gonna say about this ever again. Please don't ask me, I'm really not over it enough yet to talk about it well.
Melissa was with me in the hard time when I last visited my old working place to get my stuff away. I owe her a big time, she was truly a hero! Getting a lot of sponsored stuff from GeoColouredLenses, Sololita and Eyecandy's! I was this month waiting for a horrible Christmas as my grandmother has been in an awful shape. The holidays were kinda dark and as mom was worried we didn't have so much nice time as I was hoping. Situation is still bad. But I try to not to think about it. I got a christmas present from my grandfather beyond the grave. His old cap. He was wearing it often and I was happy to have it, he feels much closer to me now. By awesome presents and having Nori back home I have focused my energy on the contract that I got after the long year of working with the book from TAMMI OY. I am so happy! The book is gonna be finished on March and will be in stores in fall 2014! 

With a lot of love and hope for the next year. 


  1. Voi ihana Miki! ♥ Toivottavasti tämä vuosi tuo tullessaan ainakin parempia työpaikkoja, haleja!
    Ja edelleen tahdon supporttaa sua myös tossa oman kehon hyväksymisessä, sä et oo sairas; asia nyt vaan on näin.
    Toivottavasti joskus saat vielä nostettua painoa mutta meanwhile: love yourself as you are ♥ Olet just paras sellaisena kuin olet!
    Kiitos tästä vuodesta, on tosi outoa että tutustuttiin vasta elokuussa, tuntuu kuin siitä ois vuosia!
    En tosiaan tiedä miten pärjäisin ilman sua myöskään!

    1. Minäkin toivon suurenmoista menestystä sinulle! Kiitos sinulle kaikesta tuesta ja urheudesta jonka avulla päädyttiin tapaamaan! Korvataan ne vuodet joita ei tunnettu tulevilla! Hyvää uutta vuotta rakas ystävä! (Kornia lässyn lässyä, suck it up!)

  2. Oon aatellu tässä tilata kanssa tollaset platform-tennarit tuolta MaxStar shoes:lta, niin aattelin vaan että tuliko siitä kenkien hinnan lisäksi paljon kuluja? esim. postituskulut, tulli? (:

    1. postarit about 7€, ei tullia, kanto omalle kotiovelle. Lisätietoja täällä: http://mikihannahblog.blogspot.fi/2013/06/shoes-like-rainbow.html ja täällä: http://mikihannahblog.blogspot.fi/2013/10/cosmos-to-my-feet.html :)

    2. okei kiitos tosi paljon (:

  3. You're so strong! I hope your book will be a success!! Having the idea come to you in a dream is like something out of a movie haha.

    1. Ahah! Tell me about it, but nothing has ever felt so right in my entire life!
      Thank you for your support! I hope so too ;)


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