+Rock The World In Orange+

Orange is not my color. I hate how warm and bright color that is and natural. Well I took a risk. I have started to use orange lip tint, eye shadow and nail polish. And from the after Christmas sales I got a pair of super warm ankle boots IN ORANGE.

My shoes are not too fitting for this freezing winter that arrived to the south shores of Finland.
I love everything about these shoes. They are from andiamo and I got them for 70€. There is lamp fur inside and they are super warm and comfy.

I just found a problem with this warmth. They fit my face but all my clothes have a cold temperature shade so this have real hard time fitting my clothes. People may think I am the least fashionable person to fit these with pink and blue gray shades but I don't care. They are warm and I still can find a way to make them fit! 

What you think of them?

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  1. ihanat,noi on juuri semmoset jotka kiinnittää ihanasti katseen ja aw hyvä että ostit,vaikka vierastatkin oranssia ! (:


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