+Mirror On The Wall, Are My Make-Up In An Order?+

A long time I wanted to a have a good proper make-up desk that all my make-ups would fit into! I use to have this little old fashioned one that I got from recycle center.

I had only painted it white. Real tiny and nothing fit in it and the seat was impossible to sit on.
So I headed my way to Ikea to find a white one that would have a big drawer and some glass on it! 
I found this one from the Malm collection! Just perfect size of what I was looking for! I also got a plain mirror with no frames to go above it!
 I couldn't wait for help so I built it myself. I know, I am super! It wasn't that difficult actually. Once in a while I put the pieces upside down and so on but I figured it out and the desk is now real stable!
 The bottom of the drawer was plain boring gray and I didn't want it to show from underneath my make-ups so I got from my closet a roll of a shining white plastic deco contact paper. It's real thick and made for kitchen walls that are in touch with water, so I thought it'd fit perfectly in the bottom if something would leak, it wouldn't ruin the furniture!
 So I just rolled the contact paper over and cute the over borders off! Simple!
 For a month I had no-one to come put the mirror on my wall so my new table looked like this! It's the laundry basket under there! (Cats have killed it.)
Finally one fellow Gyaru galfriends father offered to help me! So I just emptied the desk and let the man do the magic!
Oh, here's the name of the mirror as well! Godmorgon!
And here's how the desk looks now when the mirror is matched! I love it soooo much! I still have to figure the lights around the mirror so that I can actually see something when I do the make-up, but this thing is just brilliant! The desk is not too deep so that you can be pretty close to the mirror and see what you are doing.
 Just look at the drawer!!
 All my things with there!
 I'm a bit over protective with the glass so I got a temporary tablet to cover it till I find a better one!
 My super cute lamp will take care of the lights for now!
 I'll need also a new jewel stand. This one is actually Noris and I'd prefer white one!
Ain't in wonderful? I would now need to find a chair to go with it, need to keep looking!
psst, this might be another reason for getting this!
Yeah I use it also to take pictures of my new gets! I love the reflection effect!

So what you think?!


  1. Love how it ended up looking! now what's left is matching stool / chair :D

    yeah cats always kill baskets especially if they're yarns. Lol.

    1. Thank you! I'll find it, I'm sure!
      Yeah I know, cats!

  2. Hieno! Minäkin olen jo pitkään haaveillut meikkipöydästä. Sellainen vanhanaikainen olisi ihana <3

    1. Minäkin tykkäisin rustiikista, mutta mun kokoelmani ei olisi mahtunut sellaiseen :')

    2. Sulla on kyllä kadehdittava kokoelma! :D

    3. Voi kiitos :'D Materialistin taivaassani on kyllä oma helvettinsäkin. KISSAT.

    4. Ne rakkaat tuholaisystävämme <3 :D Mäkin olen kyllä varautunut siihen, että kun oman kissan hankin, saan sanoa hyvästit joillekin sisustusratkaisuilleni. Onneksi en omista mitään turhan kallista :')

  3. Oi toi on niinku joka tytön unelma ;W;

  4. I really love your big drawer! I wish mine is bigger ^^ that's so nice of your friends dad to help you with the mirror ^^

    1. I know!~ And may I say, SUPER happy that you follow me back!! Thank you mi las! ♥♥

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  6. Hey miki,
    You have shown up the more gorgeous pic on your blog Mirror on the Wall. I have making my bedroom by sanderson duvet covers and I want to design my home by wall mirror. I must flow your design.


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