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Next up I have the camera review for you that I promised around Christmas.
I wish I read one before I started using this, so here we go! I used some
ready pictures from the fuji films original website to show you better!

My camera is branded by Little Twin Star by Sanrio. So there came cute stickers and film along with it to fit the brand and make it adorable.

If you are not a Japan fan below there are the only color choices for you! 
Pic one with personality because that's what this camera is all about!

This is something real important that I didn't know before I started using this camera.

Normally in cameras those little marks like "cloud" and "Sun" are marks of white balance. Means how warm or cool the shades in the picture will turn out. But in this camera those symbolize the exposure of the film. The brighter the symbol like the sun the darker the film will exposure its self. In English, if you are indoors and use the lock on the sun, the picture WILL turn black. Flash is always automatic but it doesn't mean that the picture will appear anymore brighter.

So if you are outside and there is very bright sunny day, you'll set the curse to the sun with a few of shine, cloud in shadow and house in doors. But there is one thing you should know. The film everytime tries to get a little reading under exposure that is correct. I suppose it's so that the film won't get over bright in any state. But I personally don't like it!

Then there is the Hi-key. I tested it indoors and outdoor. It gives the photo a nice high light effect! I'm in love with it and use it everytime. Up there is an example photo of the difference!

Okay, here you think that the most simple part is when you press the shutter release button, English the button that takes the picture, and the picture comes out from the top. 

Yes it is simple, after that you don't have to do anything but wait till the picture is ready. It takes around 8 minutes to be in its complete form result. But In this moment you might notice on the few first tries that the picture is all blurry and not sharp. I noticed this after one film. The shutter button is real quick and sensitive. It's very near where you place your hands when you hold the camera. You have to slightly press the button before taking the picture. Once you see the lens has found the target you are taking a picture from then you can let go and press to take the picture. It takes a little time to practise and still it's gonna give you a little miss calls. I don't really like that in this camera. The focus should be more simple.

 In case you like this film I took a few pictures of how all 10 pictures in the pack look like.


And those were my first practice pictures. Most are crap, I'm sorry!

The last one is tuto for how to insert the film inside!


I give
For this camera.

- Size
- Design
- Many different films to test
- Not too expensive
- Cheap photobooks for the pictures
- Lovley retro pictures
- Not too expensive films

- Difficult to take real good pictures
- Took a while to handle
- Shutter button is too close for hold place
- It's hard to see trough the finder
- Pictures taken inside turnout quite bad
- Hoped that there'd be more retro color on the photos.

So here was my review, I hope it helped!
If you have any questions please ask me!


  1. it's pretty cute, but I'm wondering is it really worth it to buy a polaroid camera..? I guess it's pretty expensive. and if it takes 8 min to get the picture and you can't really see through the finder... couldn't you just edit pictures to make them look polaroid :)

    1. It's a nice exchange to see the picture right away, the result is something you can't get with original camera and that's what I like about this kind of cameras. They are made for art and fun not to be pro tools. But the picture doesn't take 8 minutes to come out, but to get it's colors settle. The picture comes out instant from when you take the photo! Everyone on their own ways my friend ;)

  2. On kyllä tosi suloinen kamera, mutta kai tuo on lähinnä lelu verrattuna digikameroihin. Hauskoja muistoja sillä varmaan saa kuitenkin tallennettua :)

    1. Sanoisin että taiteen muoto! Se tuo mukavaa vaihtelua ja kun kuvattiin kaveriporukalla kaikki oli tosi onnellisia ja meillä oli hauskaa kun katsottiin kuvia, polaroidissa on ihan erilainen fiilis! :)

    2. Se on totta, että fiilistä tuossa kyllä on <3

  3. Mistä tämä kamera on tilattu? :)


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