+i Love my little Pad Princess+

Yes, the tittle left really no space for guessing! I got myself iPad Air! I've been drooling over these for years, they are so beautiful and now I can really actually do things without sitting on computer!
Here I know I really wouldn't have afford to this, but I couldn't resist. I pay now 40€ a month for it for 2 years so I don't find it so bad. I just leave a few shirts unbought every each month, no biggy! This is just so super fast! It goes on the pages and apps in so quick before I realize that it did! So awesome.
 I bought a little crown for it and am going to order a few cases and keyboard for it! This is so exciting! I actually bought it the way that both my mother and Nori can use it whenever they might need it like long train trips or something that way.
 Here I have already done some home screen decorations, how does the romantic way treat you?

 Well what you think of my sudden purchase? 
You have iPad Air with Retina screen? I would need you to share your opinions or some cool apps that work only on iPad! I wanna test out everything!

Oh, did anyone notice the new layout?!


  1. Oi vitsi ihania kuvia! toi kruuunu on niiiiin söpö <3


    1. Voi kiitos! Tykkään itsekin että onnistuivat loistokkaasti! Ja eihän tuo minulta nyt ilman kruunua näyttäisi ;D ♥

  2. Oi kun ihana ! :3 oispa otelläkin varaa ostaa joku tapletti tai ipad kun läppäriä ei enää niin useesti tuu otettuu matkoille mukaa ):


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