+F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Stockholm Day 2+

 Gay flags wished us good morning on the second day. The first night was awful for all of us. Since our hostel room was booked 5 persons in 6 persons room, we had one random guy sleeping there when we came back from the dinner the other night. It was kinda awkward since it was a dude. He didn't speak and it was hard to sleep with clothes on. (I always sleep in my undies) Anyway, Sanny was snoring and up all night since she wasn't feeling well at all. Nori and I shared a bed so it was kinda crowded and hot and the pillows were awful and.. AGH! Not good first night!
 Well we had real stuffing good breakfast under neath our hostel!
'Look how beautiful our hostels street was! Aaah! So romantic!
 Sanny, Rusky and Nori wanted to head to photograph museum. I've always bored in museums even if the subject would've interested me. Yan-chan and I saved that money and headed to the main center to do some shopping instead!
 The shoppers!
 Frozen Yoghurt. It was real bad in the Gallerian shopping mall. All sweet like ice cream and no natural flavor. Quite expensive too.
 Yeah, I bought no clothes so I went by the same shirt as before.. TOU!
Our second dinner in Stockholm in Italian restaurant located in old town!
 The food was AMAZING and not too expensive. Mine was a bit more than the others but damn it was the most delicious salmon I've ever eaten! So good!
 We didn't wanna go to the hostel yet, thinking the awkward moment someone random laying there again in the dark so we tried to find a nice bar or cafe that we could still go to sit and spend some time in. We found this nice cafe/restaurant from the other side of the old town. It was real cozy. I prefer this kind of places rather than some bars where you can't hear your own thoughts, without mentioning your companions thoughts!
 Stomach invalids drink soda!
 Rusky and Nori look so newly in love couple over here that it's creepy! Ruskys face is so pure and desperate, so adorable how'd she do that! It's so cute!
 The late night in the old town was so beautiful and calm. Even real warm!
 This old man checking the young kissing couple made me so sad!
The second day was real nice! We had so much fun when we arrived back to the hostel and were a bit tired. A naked grandma across the street was nude in her apartment. We stared and laughed so hard. Sorry for our new random roommate if we kept you up, but we were real energic!

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  1. Onkohan tuo alastomana ikkunan edessä hilluminen yleistäkin Ruotsissa, koska olen itsekin pari kertaa törmännyt kyseiseen ilmiöön :D Ja aina kyseessä oli joku vanhempi naisihminen.


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