+Yan-Chan Look+

Here, let me show you my top favorite outfit this early winter! Why its called Yan-Chan look? My friend Yan-chan who was with us in Stockholm wares clothes like this very often and I kinda felt like her in this, so it got its name by her!
Here I tried to add some Liz Lisa Winter accessories to this look and now its a bit more me like!
I love Yan-chans style and wanted to try something soft and vintage like for exchange. I'm sorry that many my pics are taken is studio now, but it gets so early dark in here and once I get out from work it's already too dark for a outfit photos, so please forgive me this!
 All outfit is from H&M.What you think of this?


  1. Hyvin sopii<3 Ihanan väriset simmut:)

    1. Hihii! Mikä kunnia saada lookin kehittäjän arvio! ;D <3 Kiitos!


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