+Tonight All The Monsters Gonna Dance+

This weekend we had the Finland Gal Unit Halloween Party! I know it was a bit late to celebrate Halloween, but we had to find a night that was okay to the most. I was the hostess, so the party was at my place. We were looking for a better place all the time, but no where were our e-mails  responded. We had a clubhouse in our home yard but it wasn't such good option either. In the end my house turned out just perfect place! My boss in Luca had given us some rose tea and original Japanese candies and chocolate in a pumpkin box! After the candies were removed the box was our vote box for the costume competition! Brilliant!
Melissa had done this awesome sign to lead everyone to the party, but some little brats stole it and blew up our candles!! RHH!
I had my studio open all night trough for the party people to take group pictures and costume photos. Seemed everyone was happy about it! Goodie goodie!
My outfit was a cat doll! Very dull and the mouth went wrong!
I was real nervous to get everything done in time, but thank god I had awesome team to help me! Ronja, Melissa and Salla! (Blogs added later)  Julia arrived also before the party officially started 5.pm.
Everyone looks amazing! (ignore my wig gone wild!)
 Some food in the early of the party!
 Julia and awesome Pin!
Jasmine and her awesome costume arrived after a few hours. That "King Satan" was simply amazing!
My cats face when she looks at Jasmin :'D
 So many people showed up and had some good time. Many also ended on reading my final exam Japanese magazine that I made for school a few years back when I graduated. Many fame faces on it.
We got so SO many candies! Everyone brought something to eat so we had DOZENS of things to eat!
Group picture! Miracle everyone fit there! A few girls are missing from this tough!
 Finally when the lost sheep was found we got to taste that famous cake everyone was waiting for. Original pumpkin pie! Yum!
 Counting votes.
Winner was Jasmin as everyone expected, she got photoshoots with me as she wishes! Haha!
My absolute favs in the studio! Ahah! Salla is awesome!
The white "angels"!
They looked so awesome! I think I'm never gonna figure out how Pin does the hair, it's simply amazing, EVERYTIME I see her!
So many left over candies!! That cups huge I don't know what I'm gonna do to all of the candies!
Anyway I had real great time and I am so happy that everyone enjoyed them selves. I was nervous for nothing it appears. I met new great girls that I wanna meet so soon again! I wish we all had so much money that we could party like this every weekend! I hope you had awesome Halloween as I did! Now if you'll excuse me I'll go get my nails done!

Till next time!


  1. Toi sun studio oli niin täydellinen. * _ * Ihan mahtavia kuvia partyista! Harmi kun Suomessa ei vietetä halloweeniä niin noita ylijäämäkarkkeja ei voi antaa trick or treat -kierroksella oleville. :D Toivottavasti nähään taas pian, oli ihan huisin kivaa ja kiitos viel kerran että saatiin olla teitin kämpillä!

    Parisian Tiara Party

    1. Voi kiitoksia! Se on totta, se perinne ei ole rantautunut ja pääsiäisnoidatkin on vaihtaneet vaihdetta, mutta enköhän mä nuo jonnekkin saa ängettyä! Joulumiitissä viimeistään nähdään taas! <3

  2. Giveaway!; the winner gets all the candies. XD

  3. Bwahahahaha, kuolen aina näihin kuviin ku oon niin kaunis :'D Naaman vääntely on vaan liian kivaa!
    Kiitos kun saatiin pitää pippalot teidän luona, oli ihan täydellinen juhlapaikka! : ) Ja kerrankin hyviä kuvia, jjjeeee ♥

    1. Sä oot mailman kaunein! :'D Ihailen suuresti kasvoliahsten työtä!
      Kiitoksia kun olit avustamassa, ei olisi yhtä upeet bileet ilman teitä apureita <3

  4. Tykkäsin tän tyttelin jolla on muhkee tukka ja sininen hiuskoriste asusta eniten! Mieletön

    1. Pinin tukka ja asut on aina ihan mielettömiä!


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