+F.R.I.E.N.D.S Leave Stockholm Day 3+

On third day everyone had slept way better after the big end of night in laughter. In the morning I was actually missing home a little.
Here a few pictures from our hostel. I enjoyed the location of the hostel in the heart of the old town. But the walls were real thin. Even the lightest voice could be heard from the other side. So if you think of some hot action vacation in this hostel, keep it quiet, everyone will hear ya! And this was the first time in a hostel and first time I slept in a room with no own bathroom! Good thing I didn't wake up to pee in the middle of the night! (No offence Sanny!)
Real natural look. My head was hurting a bit and I knew we'd be home just around 11pm, so long day ahead with a wig was no option for me.
Woah this is attractive !
We went trough the last castles museums before having lunch and last day shopping!
Lunch turned into cake in a gay cafe! Oh yeah!
Geo catchings! 
Last time in Science fiction!
Dinner in st.Friday's! We also ended our Riga trip with Nori eating in this American burger restaurant!
(Which I forgot to post about, woopsie!)
After we ate WAY too much in the restaurant everyone was feeling sick. We tried shopping afterwards but we just couldn't really move. We headed with our bags to the station and headed to the airport.
We all were still 9pm after 3 hours full for the dinner and just reading my Japanese magazines that I had bought.
This trip was real nice. We had never been on a trip together as a group. And tough a few people were missing, this was a trip worth planning for! Just if everyone didn't run out of money in the end :'D Too much shopping? Nah, I spent more money on food that buys! And damn am I gonna miss the restaurants!!!  Next up I'll post my buys! Now night you all!

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  1. Rupesin juuri fantasioimaan tuosta brownie obsessionista <3

    1. Siinä oli makeusaste 100+ :D !
      Huonompi olo ei tule mistään! <3

    2. Kuulostaa täydelliseltä :D

      Kiitos näistä Tukholma-postauksista, olen saanut monta ideaa omaa tulevaa reissuani varten! Science fictionista tulee ainakin hankittua parit joululahjat <3

  2. Missä noita karuselleja oli? Olivatko ihan myytäviä ja jos niin paljonkon maksoivat? :3

  3. IHANA TAKKI SUN KAVERILLAS?!? Mistä se on ostanu sen?? (tossa teitin porukkakuvassa vasemman puolimmainen tytsy!) Ihan törkeen ihana takki 0__o


    ps. Oon lukenu sun blogias jo vähän aikaa, on oikeen kiinnostava lukee sun postauksias 8)


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