+Greetings From Sweden+

I was suppose to do this ages ago, but better later than never! 
So here are the things I bought from Stockholm in October.
 These were so cheap in the Science Fiction! Only 9€ each!
 These came with the Ageha and Cutie. Make-up bag and super good mirror!
 Oresama Teacher. I'm so hooked with this! I just went to buy the volumes 7&8 yesterday!
 I couldn't take any pictures from the inside the castle, but I was able to buy cards from the royal gift shop!
I love crowns. The crown as a symbol is my total favorite, I adore them! So also these towels for kitchen and the crown pin I got from the Royal Crown Museums Gift Shop. They are Christmasy right?
 This movie was real good, I had a long time wanted to see it, so when I saw it, I bought it! I suggest you to watch it!
 Plastic pockets, so cute!
 This iphone case was bought from the market place. I regret nothing!

Impressive that I bought not a one single clothing! Record. Well there they were, what you think?
I have to soon start getting ready for Steve Maddens first blogger night here in Finland where I am attending with Jasmine. Anyone else coming there tonight? Come say hi and we can take a picture!

Bye and wish luck!

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