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This Tuesday I visited Beaume Beauty Salon for new nails. Beaume is located in a very good spot in Hämeentie 94 Vallila, Helsinki. Most of the busses have stops right next to the salon and trams 6&8 go straight there as well. Salon is ran by a young talented woman name Tytti. She has her school mate Heidi working with her, and the ladies put the salon up during Fall 2013. 

Tytti has graduated as a cosmetology  6 years ago and is now re-educating herself a little deeper in the same school with Heidi. Tytti is bringing own eyelash extends trademark to Finland with her another co-worker. Heidi is originally a hair dresses now studying wider the world of cosmetology. Though their schooling is now in run the ladies keep learning all the time something new and Tytti still has time to educate others to use these eyelash extensions. She must be one of the best to teach you all about this since she has followed how the eyelash extensions landed here in Finland right from the beginning. She educates this with her another co-worker in Tuusula.

Salon Beaume does Gel nails, make-up, hair removes with sugar and wax, eyelash extensions+sell products, permanent pigments and more is to come still during this year.

 If you wish to know more of the Salon, visit their Facebook page HERE.

 The salon was smaller than what I was expecting, but in the end I found it just right sized. It was real clean and organized and the tiny detailed decorations caught my eyes. Very neutral and peaceful place.
Massage table.
This was my first time I went for  to do my nails. I wasn't first aware of what kind of nails I was about to get. My cosmetology Tytti told me that the gel nails are very different from structure nails. The gel nails are not build, the lenght of the gel nails is counting on how long your own nails are and which style you are wanting them to be shaped. They won't also be cracking off and cutting like the structure nails. As well they do grow out, but if you want them to be removed, you can either take appointment for their fix or removal, or then you can use the nail file to file the gel polish off. Very simple.
I was offered some tea as it was real cold outside. 
The process was more simple than I thought. The gel nails are actually just like nail polish that is applied in many layers on your own nail. First your cuticles are made even. Then your own nails are filed into the wanted shape, like oval or round. Then using the nail file to thin the nails for the gel polish. After this there is added a grounding gel to make the nails coat smoother and even for the nail polish and tough it up under the UV-light oven. After this add the chosen colored gel, powder pink as in my choose. The gel will be added 2-3 layers and between adding set them under the UV-light. Then add a clear nail polish for finishing clear touch. All this didn't take any longer than an hour. I was warned that the uv-oven might burn, but it didn't feel bad at all, just light and warm. Real nice!

I didn't have spaces to take many pictures during the process since my hands were all the time in the oven and the time was limited when the nails had to be done. The time just run so fast having fun with her!
Here's the before after!
 Tytti was real nice and warm person. I was so glad to see that she had as small hands as I did, I felt I found my own kind for a while! Haha. As we were chatting with her about everything I told her about this huge nail problem of mine. I told her that I am hopeless in making nails myself. For me a good strong pigment nail polish is the most important thing of all, but I am having hard time finding any good ones. She suggested me Top Flex nail polish that she her self had found very good. She gave me one bottle of my choose.
I really enjoyed my stay in salon Beaume. The original price for these nails is 40€, but for you guys, when you book yourself appointment use the code words "We Are Blogs, Miki Hannah Blog reader" and you get a discount which gives you these nails for 35€ price!

You wish to get yourself a little special treatment in a salon so special? You have an opportunity now, since weareblogs and Beaume are having a giveaway where you can win yourself a Christmas treat package. This package includes Make-up, hairdo and a hands paraffin treatment worthy of 112€!

If you wish to win this all you need to do is comment bellow and tell why YOU should get this relaxment under the Christmas hurries. Is it a early Christmas party with friends? New Year? Wedding or birthday? Let me know! The winner will be revealed on 20th of November on Weareblogs Facebook HERE.

Thank you Tytti of Beaume for these new cute nails!
New winter layout coming soon! 

*Postaus toteutettu yhteistyössä kauneussalonki Beaumen kanssa


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