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You know what I find interesting? Many circle lens stores have contacted me and they want to use my light big eyes on their websites as I would model with the lenses there. This is real exciting and I actually accepted one offer already. Gonna get them soon! Awesome! And about lenses is also this post!
Earlier this week I got new lenses from Geo Coloured Lenses.com. I've always wanted to test out my idols Tsubasa Masuwaka's circle lenses from the Princess Mimi Series. I just always was afraid that maybe they fit only the dark eyes. But NOW I finally took a risk to try them out!
0.00 - 8.00
1 year disposable 
Water content: 38-42%
3 colors
I was so excited to get these to my eyes, and very soon I came to notice that the color blends real well into my own color! All together I like them. I prefer darker models as my eyes are real light, but these are real awesome and I am not disappointed with them at all! Of course I still think that Tsubasa looks the best with them in the end~
But here is my dolly look with Tsubasas' lenses!
Easy to apply and didn't dry the eyes in 3 hours at least!
Designed to make a pretty shiny eye look. I think they would blend in well with brown eyes, dark eyes, blue eyes and only the darker green eyes.
Light Eye: 
If you want large light eyes then this is your match. But the patter shows the best in dark eyes.
What you think of this look?~
Thank you GeoColouredLenses for these lenses!


  1. Noi sopii sulle älyhyvin! Miellyttävin linssiarvostelu tähän mennessä mun mielest (:

  2. Mulla on nui samat linssit, rakastan niitä <3

  3. Damn, your eyes are so huge♥

  4. Ihanat piilarit! ♥ Koko sarja on aivan ihanuutta! ^^
    Tosi suloisia kuvia, näytät niin nätiltä. ♥~

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Tiedän! Nuo on ihan unelmat! Kiitoksia kovasti! ♥

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  6. voi ku oot kaunis ja söpö ku mikä !


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