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Hi, Hello, Hey Hey!

This year I took a part to Finlands Inspiration Blog Awards 2013. Many of my blogger friends who are more known that I am, who are amazing and have inspired me for years, are leading the voting at the moment. I thought first that I'd just stand a side and not post about this award at all here in my blog, but then it hit me. Why couldn't I be proud to be part of this? You guys have voted me to be even in the voting list! It doesn't matter if I won't win! That's silly to be ashamed!

So here! Have I inspired you? Do my posts brighten your bad days or make sunny days even better? Have you found help from my posts or have I made you laugh?
 If I have, then I hope you can give your vote for me. Your Name-E-mail and Phonenumber will be needed, if you wish to win tickets to attend the awards! It would mean a lot for me and I'd be real thankful! I'm found from the Life Style category and the voting time will be till the next Sunday!


Thank you darlings!
Next week there'll be winter layout !

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